About us

Norwegian Tunnel Inspection AS was founded back in 2016 with the purpose of exploring the untapped marked of long excursion tunnel inspections connected to hydroelectric powerplants.


During many years of working in offshore, inshore ROV, diving and subsea-industry, there has been requests from owners, entrepeneurs and consulting companies who have been concerned about the integrity and condition of various flooded tunnels.

ROV Tunnel Inspection
ROV Tunnel Inspection

During the evaluation of these requests, we came to the same conclusion every time; the scope of work represent to high of a risk for divers and the ROV-systems used in offshore operations requires to much infrastructure, are to heavy, has to high operating costs and simply can not take on many of the requested tunnel lengths due to operational limitations.


A suitable ROV-system that could be long term economically viable, was not on the marked, so it leaved us with one choice; design and build our own taylor made tunnel inspection ROV:  


Audun and Leif decided to pull the plug and take on the challenge. With good help and backing from Agder Dykk, the bank, Innovasjon Norge, private wallets and last but not least; their patient wifes, Norwegian Tunnel Inspection is now a company with cutting edge technolgy looking at a bright horizon ahead.

Big enough to deliver and small enough to care

Meet The Team

Leif Brunvoll

CEO/General Manager

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Audun Knudsen

Technical Manager

Co-founder and in charge of planning, operations and execution of operations

Multi-discipline experience within subsea-operations, both manned and unmanned.

Leif leans forward into the challenges and has a strong doer mentality that complement his great capacity of completion

Email: leif@ntias.no

Tlf: +47 922 42 681

Co-founder and head of design, engineering and troubleshooting


Has extensive background within from ROV operations and engineering in both offshore and inshore-sector

Audun is technically brilliant with a deep compassion for perfection

Email: audun@ntias.no


Tlf: +47 934 26 255

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Frank Ellingsen

BDM & Pilot

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Employed as business development manager, but also serve as pilot in operations

Vast experience from operations and technical matters within the offshore ROV-industry

Positive minded, solution oriented and always keen to take on new challenges

Email: frank@ntias.no

Tlf: +47 936 74 293

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