We have solid in-house engineering capabilities that along with our partners, can design, manufacture, modify and operate a wide range of subsea vehicles, sensors and bespoke solutions.


As we aim to be the preferred partner for inspection, documentation and problem solving on underwater assets connected to hydropower plants, our staff along with our extensive network can initiate and deliver projects of all sizes. 

Hydropower Technology

Taking on the full value chain of design, manufacture, testing and operation gives us unique knowledge about our products

Our facilities are located in Stavanger, Norway, known to be the oil & gas capital of the country, and maybe for the whole of Europe. With this comes a wide supplier network of quality technology made for the harsh environments of the North Sea.


We are delighted to see that this supplier network are able adopt their products into our assets which aims for the hydroelectric power-marked

Combining above mentioned in-house engineering capabilities, a solid local supplier network and our well equipped sea-side facilities.


Adding extensive technical and operational experience in addition to our forward leaning and solution oriented attitude: we are all set to take on the position as the #1 underwater service for hydroelectric powerplants

Extensive testing in ralistic environment is crucial

Norwegian Tunnel Inspection also have experience with consultancy jobs on underwater technology related matters and have a well referenced track record of advisory work, feasability studies and project related tasks.


We always have our eyes open for new possibilities and work constantly towards expanding our horizon by picking up new ideas that can lead us into new projects..........

NOTUS a ready for long excursion testing in Sirdalsvatnet, Norway, an area with dence population of hydropower tunnels

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