Built on available off the shelf item, the NTI Mini Inspection ROV represent a cost effective alternative for structural insection 


HD camera and adjustable lighting to achieve adequate video quality for inspection and observation tasks. 


Although vital parts as control system and thrusters are standard off the shelf BlueRobotics, the ROV-frame and structure are made in rugged materials to withstand the demanding offshore environment and frequent deployment/recoverys. 


To allow access to narrow spaces and ease the handling of Mini ROV, the tether cable can be configured for both top and back mounting. 


The system is capable to interface both proximity and contact probes for measure of cathodic protection both contact and contactless on subsea structures. This is done through a dedicated input made for this purpose. 


The system is prepared for remote piloting through VPN connection and can be set up with videstreaming and seamless local/remote co-working software for efficient operations.

Designed to comply with Equinors technical specification for MINI ROV

Depth Rating: 400m
Weight 18Kg
Camera: HD

Tether: 350m

Dimensions: 370x520x240mm

Thrusters: 4 Horizontal & 4 Verical

Thrust: 10Kgf Hor.Vert.

Lights: 4x15W LED (1500 LUMEN)

Camera: 1x HD 1080P

Sensor Inteface: Ethernet

Power Requirement: 1,5kW