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Long Range Tunnel Survey ROV

The NOTUS ROV- concept is fully developed by our in-house engineering, production facilities. It is proven to be fit for purpose with a positive track record with survey and inspection of long distance tunnels

With the use of battery for propulsion and sensor-power, the NOTUS D ROV only need a single fiber to lead communication between ROV and controlroom.

Due to the system being battery powered, there is no need for electrical infrastructure on site which enables flexibility in the project planning phase


Minimizing risk, cutting expenditure and gather the neccessary data requested by clients is and has been the primary objective on NTIs developments

Operating Range: 15Km
Power: Onboard Battery Pack

360 Degree Multibeam Sonar

Lights: 6x20W LED

Depth Rating: 600m

Dimensions: 2850x812x860mm

Weight: 700g

Fast Mobilization and efficient survey





Audun Knudsen

+47 934 26 255

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