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The Falcon concept is the most successful underwater electric robotic system of its class and is proven in numerous intricate and demanding missions across many commercial, security and scientific sectors.


Equipped with Saab Seaeye's advanced iCON™ intelligent control system the Falcon provides exceptional vehicle control and diagnostic data as well as the ability to customise the pilot display and enable features such as station keeping.


The Falcon is lightweight, sized just one metre long and is rated to a depth of 300m.

The SAAB Seaeye Falcon can be equiped with a number of sensors and tooling like multibeam sonar, dredging skid, cleaning tool, CP-Probe and magnethometer



Depth Rating: 300 meter

Tether Lenght: 450 meter

Weight in Air: 60kg

Payload: 14 Kg

Forward Thrust: 50Kgf

Lateral Thrust: 23Kgf

Vertical Thrust: 13Kgf

Power Rquirements:

Single Phase/ 230VAC





Audun Knudsen

+47 934 26 255

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