Tunnel Inspections

Our inhouse developed and manufactured NOTUS D ROV is field proven and ready for service.

Custom made for one purpose; Long Underwater Tunnel Inspections

As far as we know, this is the very first ROV that is made with only underwater tunnel inspections in mind.

Serious out of the box thinking and reinventing how we normally operated a ROV system was needed in order for this to come true.



Ultra Long Range


12 Km proven


17 Km  tested


With the use of battery for propulsion and sensor-power, the NOTUS ROV only need a single fiber to lead communication between ROV and controlroom. This result in less drag, hence less power consumption and finally to longer excursion range. 


Cost Efficient


Battery = No Electric Infrastructure needed on Site


Lightweight = Effective Mobilization

The NOTUS D only weighing 700 Kg and the control-room weighing 600 Kg, makes the system suitable for mobilzations on narrow access and confined space sites. The control-room equipment can easily be disassembled and rebuilt wherever it is suitable for the project.

Due to the system being battery powered, there is no need for electrical infrastructure on site which enables flexibility in the project planning phase


Track Record

Value for Clients

A positive track record of performed tunnel inspections for some of the major player in the Norwegian hydropower marked, gives both us and our clients great confident in our service for the time to come. 

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How it Works


The NOTUS D carries sensors to measure tunnel profiles. Combining data from profile sonar and penetration distance counter gives us X, Y, Z data points which are use to calculate the volume throughout the conduit. Real time data will instantly show anomalies in the tunnel and prosessed data will provide further details of the tunnels characteristics.


We produce an complementary report of the inspection, highlighting findings and special points of interests. 

A complete set of data is also provided, either as raw-data or processed, after customers refrence. 

Customizable and transportable control-room layout

Experience shows that we need several ROVs to complete some of the tunell inspections, read more about our fleet of ROV here

Tunnel Inspection Sensors

Imagenex DT 360

This sonar provides a 360 degree profiling image of the tunnel.

The DT 360 output 360, 720 or 1440 beams and data can be played back at highest resolution (1440 beams)

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Tritech Gemini 720is

Tritechs gemini multibeam imaging sonargives real-time crisp imagery for a number of applications. 

With 120 degrees field of view and fast update frequency, it is ideal for poor visibility environments.

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