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Tritech 720iK Multibeam Sonar

The Gemini 720ik is a real-time, high-frequency multibeam imaging sonar. Utilising Tritech’s advanced processing electronics, at 1m range the sonar offers a world-class 97Hz update rate to produce high-quality, video-like imagery.


This compact multibeam imaging sonar has been specifically developed for shallow water operations; with low power consumption and Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIRP) processing for greater definition at long range.


Its reduced size and weight, and proven reliable performance makes it the ideal sonar for use on ROVs for navigation, obstacle avoidance and target recognition as well as diver operations. 

Frequency: 720kHZ

Field of View: 120 degrees

Depth Rating: 350m

Range Resolution: 4mm

CHIRP Processing





Audun Knudsen

+47 934 26 255

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